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Late For School

2009-02-25 20:28:14 by Axeraider67

Based on a friend of mine who totally (no offense, dude, lol) blows at driving. He totally wrecked into this ditch or something, and i know the sign in the front of our school is jacked up. The truck, that is based on a teacher at my school. The explosion- random.


Late For School

Final Penis

2008-12-28 15:30:31 by Axeraider67

So like, i've only made three flashes this year. Three. Only one of which is in color.

Ok actually that's a lie, i've made some pretty cool flashes on my other account, :)

Check em out if you want. Ye? 2009 will be a better year i promise.

Final Penis


2007-07-25 10:59:22 by Axeraider67

Damn. This site got some serious upgrades. I like it. Kind of like deviantART except a cooler skin :P


Could your friends be making you fat?